Why branding yourself is important


Why Branding Yourself is Important

In today’s world, the old-fashioned method of writing up a resume, printing it off and handing it to your desired employer will not likely result in a job. Likewise, neither does sitting on your computer all day filling out applications through a large job search engine. Today, it takes an extra level of competitiveness – and in order to keep up with some of the most marketable employees, it means being well branded.

What exactly do we mean by being branded?  Well, think of yourself as a product for a minute – let’ say, cereal. You are the cereal sitting on the bottom shelf in a plain beige cardboard box, your name on the front in plain bold letters. Your competition, however, – they are sitting at eye-level sporting a rainbow colored box with funky lettering and even the promise of a toy inside.

Now imagine a child takes a turn down your aisle. Do you think he or she is more likely to pick up your cereal box, or your competition’s? It’s not looking too promising for the plain cardboard box with little detail.

Being well branded means making yourself desirable in the marketplace and targeting the right audience. It means having that eye-level position on the shelf and a rainbow colored box. And an employer, like the child, is more likely to pick you because you stand out.

So you can see that in a world with thousands of other “products” just like you, it is important to make yourself well branded.

How can you brand yourself, you might ask? Well, it’s as simple as having a professional social media account, creating your own blog that showcases a special skill that you have, or being active on Twitter. Having a presence online will brand you; your Twitter account and LinkedIn are the rainbow colors and funky lettering on that cereal box – the personal promotion that will grab the attention of potential employers.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this, I bookmarked this page for future updates! It’s nice to see a local business from Grand Rapids helping others here.

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