Would You Like to Win a Professional Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Prep Session?

You may have already read something about the Pay-It-Forward Reward that Vertical Media Solutions introduced a few weeks back. The concept is simple; gift your friends, family, and loved ones with a professional resume and cover letter this year. Imagine what a new career opportunity would do for someone you care about.

Why am I bringing it up again? Pretty simple, really.

We understand that the holidays are coming up and we want to give back to our community whenever we can. We’re in the business of creating professional resumes and cover letters that attract hiring managers. If you want to learn more about our superior reputation, Google us.

That’s Why We’re Offering Our Own Pay It Forward Reward

Indeed, Vertical Media Solutions will be giving a gift to someone. But not just any gift. More like a package of gifts.

This December, someone will receive not a cover letter, not a resume, not an interview preparation session – but all three services for free.

Yes, a fortunate professional out there will receive a cover letter, resume and a 30-minute interview coaching session, on us. In a nutshell, our own Pay-It-Forward Reward. You’re looking at a $400 value.

For free.

How Do I Sign Up For This?

Call it a contest if you want, call it a ‘drawing’ if you will. Just send a copy of your existing resume to: gift@vmsolu.com

That’s all you need to do.

We want to see what you’re all about. On Christmas Day, we’ll announce the “winner,” and that winner will receive a free updated cover letter, resume and interview preparation service.

Vertical Media Solutions is located in Michigan

We care about our community. We care about our local job market. Your advantage begins with a professional resume and cover letter.

So go ahead and send us your resume to this address: gift@vmsolu.com

Find out who wins this all-inclusive gift, on Christmas day. Take a look at our website for more information about Vertical Media Solutions.



If you have additional questions, feel free to call our office directly: 616-631-4300